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Birthday Wishes:  Looking for Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Birthday SMS messages, and Birthday greetings? We have compiled the birthday wishes and Birthday messages, Birthday SMS, Birthday WhatsApp messages for you to send to your loved ones!. Celebrating a birthday is special. It is a day that only happens once a year, and for this reason, it should be memorable. It’s a unique day, just for you!

The exciting thing is that we can decide how amazing a birthday is a good amount of love and effort will result in a happy Birthday and successful day. We grow older and wiser as time goes by, giving us the tools and experience to become the person we dream of being. A birthday means a new beginning: a bright and bold new chapter with new goals and different reasons to be inspired.

new happy birthday design
new happy birthday wishes

Birthday PSD created by freepik –


Happy Birthday Wishes, Happy Birthday Wishes, Birthday Status For WhatsApp-Facebook-Instagram or Birthday comes once a year. On this occasion, my friends, friends, and family are well received with relatives, wish you these Birthday Wishes and Birthday Quotes, quotesBirthday status, Birthday SMS, Birthday messages, Birthday statuses to your friend or relatives on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, you can wish by messaging.

Birthday greeting
Greeting Design for wishing birthday


I love every day, this Special day,
By which we Don’t want to spend without you
By the way, the heart always blesses you,
Still say Happy Birthday to you ..
Happy Birthday


Whatsapp status design for wishing

Happiness is everywhere,
Be beautiful every day,
May the whole life be like this,
This is my prayer every day,
So be it your every birthday ….!

birthday Quotes, Messages and status
birthday Quotes, Messages and status 

And the birds sing,
The flowers said by laughing,
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday

birthday greeting design with rosw backround
birthday greeting design with rose background
birthday day greeting card deign
birthday day greeting card design

Heart Touching wishes

Flowers have sent a drink of nectar,
Sun has sent salute to Earth,
Happy birthday to you,
I have sent this message wholeheartedly.
Happy Birthday Beautiful

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday


Your Birthday is the first day of another 365 day journey.
Be the shining thread in the beautiful tapestry of the world to make this year the best ever.
Happy Birth day dear

greeting card for wishing
greeting card for wishing


We have no blessings,
Flowers that have not bloomed till date,
May God give you all this today,
Who has never met anyone till date.
Happy Birthday

your face is feeding Like a rose
Name is bright like Aftab,
You keep on smiling even in misery like flowers,
If we can never support you,
So still keep celebrating your birthday like this .. !!
Happy Birthday dear

birthday cake with wishing
birthday cake with wishing


O God bless my love with happiness!
Give him this gift on his birthday!
He will come every year at your rate !!
That it should never be a reason for sorrow !!
Happy Birthday !!!

wishes for lover

Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover: Happy Birthday Wishes For GirlfriendHappy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend, Girlfriend Birthday SMS, Romantic And Awesome Birthday Wishes And Also Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend.

Wishes for Girlfriend

greeting card images for girl friend
greeting card images for girlfriend or others
Poster vector created by freepik –

Laughing among you crores,
You kept blooming among  millions,
Lighted up among thousands of you,
Like the sun stays in the sky !!
Wishing u a very very happiest B’day my dear

God may have celebrated that day too,
The day you made with your own hands,
He must also have tears…
The day you were sent to Earth,
Must have found myself alone…
Happy birthday my darling

Birthday qoutes for Girlfriend
Birthday quotes for Girlfriend


Smile on your lips every moment,
You are unaware of every sorrow,
With which #surface arose your life,
always have those humans !!
Happy Birthday My heart

We love his day from every day,
What I don’t want to spend without you,
By the way, heart always gives you blessings,
Still say  Happy Birthday
Wish you this birthday !!

One prayer we ask our God,
Want your happiness sincerely,
All your wishes come true
And you smile, I love you…
Happy * Happy Birthday *

Simple Quote Massages

I live in your heart
So I suffer every  pain;
No one wishes you before me;
Therefore, in advance it is called happy birthdaymy Dear

 pray this on your birthday,
Me and you will never be apart together ,
This promise will support you for a lifetime
will give my life on you too, this is my intention !!
Happy Birthday

Birthday cae greeting design
Birthday cake greeting design
Poster designed by Freepik


Like all of you
The heart is also very cute.
Don’t know when I will get the chance to give you Birthday Kiss.
Many happy birthday.

You will be Always  happy
Do not come with someone Sorrow wherever you step,
Whatever you say, every wish wishes are fulfilled by you,
This is my prayer on your  birthday.
happy Birthday

I will bring happiness to all of you.
You will decorate the world with flowers !!
Will make your day beautiful !!
decorate your love for you !!
Happy birthday

Congratulations to you so much,
This looks very strange where
I am away from you, accept this message,
This is where your birthday is decorated ..

The moon has brought the moonlight,
The birds have sung the song,
Flowers have swaned the goose,
Happy birthday has arrived ..

This special day has come a thousand times in your life;
And every time we keep saying Happy Birthday to you.
happy Birthday .

Latest Birthday qoutes design for lover
Latest Birthday wishes for lover

Latest Quotes for Birthday

Be happy,
the joy of happiness,
every happiness is pleasant,
you are so happy in life,
that every happiness is your addict.
Happy Birthday


wishes for lover in english

wishes for lover in English

Will always be in your heart,
our love will never be less,
no matter how much happiness and sorrow in life,
we will always be together.
Happy birthday

Life is so beautiful from your arrival,
your heart is settled in the heart,
do not go away, forget ,e anytime,
I need you at every step.
happy Birthday

Come, I will write your age with the moon stars,
I should celebrate your birthday in the spring,
with flowers, I bring every beauty from the world,
decorate it with every beautiful sight.
happy Birthday

How did you feel like having these problems,
got yourself noticed in the eyes,
I did not care about any relationship,
loved you so much in love.
happy Birthday

wishes SMS

Happy Birthday wishes SMS: Find Happy Birthday SMS, happy birthday wishes SMS, birthday quotes, happy birthday wishes to wish your best friends or love on their birthday.
Sending a happy birthday text message isn’t just about saying happy birthday, it’s a way to display beautiful memories and show how much you care. Birthday SMS or Birthday text messages are the easiest way to tell your friend, lover or family that you remember them. Send birthday quotes to friends.

What should I pray for you,
who will give happiness on your lips;
This is my blessing,
let the light of the stars make your fortune.
happy Birthday!

Your stars are always high
May all your problems be postponed.
Wish you a birthday
Heartiest Wishes

 wishes sms with dark design

Happy Birthday wishes SMS

You were between millions of people
kept blooming between millions.
are illuminated between thousands of people.
As the sky remains between the sun.
Happy Birthday ..

Let the sun light up in Your life,
May the flowers fill scent in Your life,
Always Be Happy
Have so much happiness in Your life”
“Happy Birthday”

Your life is like flowers.
life shines like star ..
* • ^ • * Pray is from the heart * • ^ • *
Happy Birthday ……
From us and the whole family
* • * Happy Birthday * * *
May every year be full of happiness

My birthday Status – Myself  Wishes

Myself Birthday Wishes Status: Welcome. Here you will receive My Birthday Status and Wishes, Today is My Birthday Wishes and My birthday Quotes, my Birthday DP, Happy Birthday to me Quotes Funny, Birthday Prayer For Myself, etc. The collection is small but superb.

My birthday Status and Myself Birthday Wishes
My birthday Status – Myself Birthday Wishes
  • Thank you, Lord, for showing another new year of life.
  • Your prayers really made my birthday more special… Thank you…
  • Keep Calm is a great day today. Bcoz today is my birthday.
  • I hope that today has come the beginning of a better year – Happy Birthday to Me…
  • I’m Classic, I am not old.

Myself  Status for WhatsApp

Myself Birthday Status for WhatsApp
Myself Birthday Status for WhatsApp

The day we came to the ground, this hope also cried a lot,
After all, how could his tears stop,
Because he lost his sweetest star…

Life is the name of walking, keep going, morning and evening. This path will be cute….

If you have fallen into the world, you will have to live.
life is poison, you will have to drink it.

Today is my Birthday DP:

  • Today is my birthday, it is not necessary to give a gift… Cash is accepted here.
  • If you are born, don’t just take breath… we also have a hobby of living
  • The fame that is so much in my world is due to my mother… What will you give?
  • I was born on my birthday, Did you know that?
Today is my Birthday DP
Today is my Birthday DP

Myself Status for Girl:

  1. The Queen was born on this day – Happy Birthday to Me.
  2. Many thanks to all of you for making me feel special on my birthday.
  3. God has given us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.
Myself Status for Girl
Myself Birthday Status for Girl

When I open my eyes in the morning, everyone will be happy
When there is no misery to be blessed with all smiles… ..
There should be no distinction between caste and religion, nor are you the net of me
Give God a birthday where humanity never happens ……
When I ask for my birthday present to God
In my mind, there is no filth in humanity.
May fly on the wings of my dreams in this entire sky
I hope to spread my arms and courage by spreading this spirit …….
Today is my birthday, I am very happy
May everyone wish for a blessing

Best Myself Status for Girl
Best Myself Birthday Status for Girl

Thank you Mom and Dad , for giving birth to this wonderful baby…

Another year of my life passed,
The foggy image that I have,
Some happiness, little sorrow,
Win somewhere, lose somewhere
This is what in the shadow
Life is cut….
I have a free sky and
In which I have to write my tomorrow,
Your tomorrow
Will make that tomorrow happy
Yours, only your prayers…

happy birthday wishes for brother

happy birthday wishes for brother: Friends, is your brother’s birthday and you are looking for heart touching birthday wishes for brother to wish your brother’s birthday? This kind of Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother will greatly help to increase emotional attachment.

wishes for Brother
Birthday wishes for Brother


On the occasion of brother’s birthday,
All the distances wipe away,
All fights are forgotten,
Just remember one thing,
Happy birthday my brother

Your heart’s every wish
And where you find happiness,
If today you ask for a wire of hope,
So God will give you the whole sky. happy Birthday brother

I have received a lot of love from you,
How do I say this in words?
You are always happy with this blessing,
advance Happy Birthday from my side.

We are siblings,
Sometimes sweet sometimes sour,
Sometimes I feel angry,
Today is the birthday of my brother,
And we will celebrate this day of happiness

best wishs and shayari for brother
best birthday wishes for brother

Best Wishes for the lovely Brother

Laughing among you crores,
Keep shouting among you millions,
Lighted up among thousands of you,
Like the sun is among so many stars,
Many congratulations on Your’s birthday.

I wish you success at every step,
Your name is on every success,
Do not give up in any difficulty,
May our prayers be with you all the time.
Happy Birthday my Bro

May the way of life live forever,
Always smile on your face,
This heart gives your blessings
Every day in your life,
Have a shower of happiness.

You got all the happiness of life,
Just don’t forget to give you a birthday party.
Happy birthday to my brother.

No matter how far we are,
Happy Birthday My Lovely Brother.

Latest wishes for Brother
Latest Birthday wishes for Brother

My brother Wishes

What should I pray for you
Give me flowers of happiness,
Just pray that with the light of stars,
May God make your fortune,
Happy Birthday my brother.

latest shayari of wishes dp for brother
latest Happy birthday wishes DP for brother

This is my prayer every moment from God
Smile your life,
Your path is adorned with flowers,
Just like you every morning and evening.
Happy birthday to my dear brother.

Your name should be on the sky’s highs,
place on the moon land,
We live in a small world,
Happy birthday My dear brother.

happy birthday brother
happy birthday brother

my Luck, I got, you
You were always behind me and supported me.
Happy birthday my brother.

wishes for sister

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister: Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister, Birthday WhatsApp Status for Sister, Birthday Poem for SisterSMS Wishes for Sister.

This is the birthday of the sister’s birthday, do not spend it here. On the occasion of the birthday of our sister, we have collected SMS and Quotes, Status and Poems after the best greetings here. Whom you can send to your sister on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to congratulate them on their birthday. Hope you like it.  Come see Sms birthday greetings.

Click Here for How to celebrate Sisters Birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister – Status, Poem, and Quotes

Moonlight beloved by the moon;
Lovely night by moonlight;
Sweet life from the night;
Happy Birthday sister

latest Wishes design For Sister
Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister


May your stars be elevated,
May all your wishes be postponed.
Wish you a very happy birthday.

Everyone says flower stars,
I have a sister in a thousand…
We have to be with all the people…
Happy birthday pouring out…

best Happy birthday shayari wishes for sister
best Happy birthday wishes for sister

Wishes for Lovely sister

God cannot be everywhere, so He created the mother,
And mother cannot be with us all the time,
That’s why they made sister!
Happy birthday my deae lovely sister…

Life has its Golden moments
& a lovely sister like U
Makes them unforgettable
Happy birthday sister

Those are the lucky ones
who have a sister like you!
Happy Birthday Sister

 Sisters symbol of good fortune – Happy Birthday my sister

Sister’s love is a white light,
in which the melodies of our childhood resonate as a melody.
Happy birthday my lovely sister

Latest Wishes DP image for sister
Latest Happy birthday Wishes for sister


Sisters are like beautiful butterflies in life.Happy Birthday sister 

I will make each of your sorrows my own,

make you cry even by crying myself
embrace you with a smile
save you from every pain,
Why should I not have lakhs of thorns, my Ram
I  keep smiling even on those bites,
will give you all the happiness of the world,
fulfill every duty of being my brother…
Congratulations on your birthday, my dear sister

Funny Wishes For Sister

Cutie love
I get a sister like you in lakhs
And You get a brother like me in crores…
Happy birthday dear… laughing forever

Here is your Birthday Gift…
1000 Rs. Scratch card of…
What will you miss too…
Take away my ash…

funny birthday wishes for sister
funny birthday wishes for sister

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Happy Birthday Mom Wishes

happy birthday wishes for husband

Collections have been brought. And these Birthday quotes for husband will definitely help you to bring your heart’s talk to your husband.

May you be happy day by day
Become erase all your troubles with life
May God always keep you fit and fit
Ho Your Birthday is Wonderful and Super Duper Hit

Whether you stay away, you stay close,
My prayers will always be with you,
Hoard of happiness for you,
This is the blessing of my heart for you.
Happy birthday my Heart

On the auspicious birthday,
What gift should i give you
Just accept it like this,
Lakhs of millions of love to you.
Congratulations on your birthday.

wishes for husband's Birthday
happy birthday wishes for husband


Sometimes we quarreled, sometimes we got angry,
we would express emotion with a cup of tea,
you looked like a friend, sometimes a father.
How beautiful were those moments, I am proud of you.
The lovely rainbow colors make Aao’s life more colorful.
Even in the darkness of your life, the sun is bright and
Flowers make your life happy.
Have a very happy birthday 

wishes image for husband's Birthday
Birthday wishes image for husband

Best Wishes for Lovely Husband

Your birthday has come
Has brought it out with us.
This is a day of dancing and singing,
This day is for happiness and celebration.
Wish you a very happy birthday

My heart started beating for you, my breath started smelling.
Dreams started coming true for me, you gave my life.
These birthdays brought a rain of happiness,
May the above bless you with happiness,
May this year remove all the miseries of life. Happy Birthdy..

Every moment smile on your lips
The sorrow you are always unknown,
With which your life has emerged,
Always have that lovely person with you.
He prays to God
There should be no sorrow in your life,
Millions of prayers offered on birthday,
Happy Birhday.

Always keep the flow of love like this,
May every moment be full of happiness,
May your happiness be crazy
Happy Birthday dear

We offer these prayers on your birthday,
We and you together will never be apart,
This is the promise of each other to support each other for life
Will give his life on you, this is his intention ..
happy Birthday my Love

Love Wishes For Husband

Always be happy you
Do not come near any sorrow,
Steps Wherever You Put
Whatever you say, every wish is fulfilled,
This is our prayer on your birthday ..

Dp Image for Husband's Birthday wishes
Birthday wishes for husband

Sometimes it rains,
These eyes just long to see you,
Who will come in front of you?
I will look at you with my eyes full.

Wish to your wife in her Birthday

 happy birthday wishes images

Best Hindi Happy Birthday Wishes Images, Happy B’day Wallpapers
Birthday PSD created by freepik –

Latest birthday images
Latest birthday wishes images
Birthday psd created by freepik –
Birthday wishes card
Birthday wishes card
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
Happy birthday hd images
Happy birthday HD images
Birthday PSD created by freepik –

 Colorful Design for Birthday

Happy birthday image poster
Happy birthday image
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
happy birthday wishes hd images
happy birthday wishes HD images
happy birthday classic design images dp
happy birthday wishes images dp
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
Wishing card design in blue background
happy-birthday-card designs
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
colorfull greeting card design with balloons
happy birthday wishes greeting card
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
greetings card
happy birthday greetings
Birthday PSD created by freepik –
latest card design with ballon
latest birthday wishes image
Birthday PSD created by freepik –


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This post about Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages & Greetings has been created so that you can congratulate your friend, your sister, brother, or teacher and parents on their birthday and keep the Birthday Status on your WhatsApp and express your love for them by posting the status on Facebook. Hope you have received the best Happy Birthday Wishes for your loved ones, friends or your Girlfriend or your Boyfriend from here. Thank you very much for coming here…


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