how to become a good wife? – 10 tips to become a good wife

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how to become a good wife?


how to become a good wife? : Today’s topic is how to become a good wife? which means 10 ways to become a good wife in the eyes of your husband. Being a good wife is not easy. The question that remains in the mind of many dating matters online training is how to become her favorite and better wife with whom I am going to marry.

Every man wants his wife to love him a lot and keep him happy. A Girl who was previously the most beloved of her house by being a virgin, today she has to make everyone by going to another and make everyone’s favorite.

When it comes to making a husband happy, we are bringing some great tips on how to become a good wife? in front of you.with the help of which you can give happiness to your husband and become a good wife.

here are we provided Top 10 tips for how to become a good wife?

How to Become a good wife?  in the eyes of your Husband?

The wife is half part of the house, which has to be shared in the work of all people. To make a good wife, it is not just the looks, personality, speech, and understanding are very important for her. Because the foundation is made good when it is wise to take care of the family.

As a good relationship and a good wife, it is very important to share your things. this increases love and you can become a good wife.

10 tips on how to become a good wife

  1. Be Pleasant and keep pleasant.
  2. Accept your mistakes.
  3. Be helpful.
  4. Give it your place.
  5. keeping him happy in bed.
  6. show your love and appreciation often.
  7. Be honest, loyal and dedicated.
  8. maintain your health and beauty.
  9. Honor.
  10. Do not spread the problem related to your Husband.

1- Be Pleasant and keep Pleasant ( tips to become a good wife)

Now when you are in your in-law’s house, you have to do some compressions. you had more freedom in your house, but here you have to make everyone happy. the work that makes you happy with your husband and family is very important. So that they are in a happy mood and love you too.

the sign of a good wife is to be happy and talk to her husband with a sweet voice. At first, you will find everything troublesome, but by being together slowly, you will feel everything perfect.

2 – Accept Your mistake ( tips to become a good wife)

If you want to be a good wife, then you should have a sense of acceptance. You have to accept your mistakes as well as your husband’s mistakes, not that you are keeping small things in mind. nor would it benefit from quarreling over small things.

Therefore, it better to intervene in the small matters of your husband and explain to them and request a response, this will increase your love and deepen the relationship.

3- Be helpful ( tips to become a good wife)

A husband expects support and understanding from his wife, especially in the rouble. A good wife ready to fight her successes and failures. And whenever she sees any problem in her husband, she keeps some solution.

tips for how to become a good wife?


You do not have to weaken your husband. it is often said that ” a wife can make or break a man” There is no quicker way to create resentment in your humans than to criticize or belittle a person, especially in front of others. Be proud of his achievement and congratulate him.

You can then expect him to behave similarly and respect you more for your support and thoughtfulness. If you do not agree with him, then respectfully let him know that you do not agree with a healthy conversation.

4 – Give it Your Place ( tips to become a good wife)

As a wife, it is important to understand that your husband has a life that is greater than you. He has a family, friends, and colleagues who are also a part of his life. it may also include hobbies and passions.

Do not expect your full attention all the time. If he likes to go out and hang out with his friends or sometimes a hobby or a game, don’t let that stop you. An intervening wife can sometimes be very upset.

5 – Keeping him Happy in bed

Sexual relations is one of the most important things in any marriage. When you make your man happy in bed, he will also make you happy and your love will grow. If you will not be able o give him happiness in bed, then he will go where he gets happiness.

According to research, a major reason is that male cheating is mostly physical, while for a woman it is emotional.

6 – Show your love and appreciation often

Men like love and appreciation so more and more time pass together. This promotes love. men also like to hear the words “I love you“. Often pampering him, especially when he is home.

You can cook for him or give him a massage. When he is at home, it is not a bad idea to make him dependent on you by doing his chores. He misses you and thinks of you when you are not around. these gestures will not get any attention, and it can also inspire you to do something good for your self. Don’t stop affection.

7 – Be honest, loyal and dedicated

The specialty of a good wife is that she should ve honest, loyal and devoted to her husband. If he has pledged to live together, eat and sleep together in marriage rounds. then it is a responsibility to fulfill him.

Share any problem with it as much as you can and help solve its problems. Make him believe that you are his and all your love is for him.

8 – Maintain Your Health and Beauty

The most comfortable thing for a good wife is that her residence should be a shocking, clean looking person with a smile on her face. Also, the tone of the husband should be respected.

Most Husbands like thin and beautiful women. Therefore, to make your body beautiful and attractive. You should do yoga or exercise. Dress well and beautiful so that their heart is restored. A man also likes his wife, allowing him to smell good. If you are not looking for fat or cleaning attention, your man may start looking elsewhere.

9 – Honor

Every man wants his wife to honor him and calls him with respect. Honor can be done in a manner of dialogue and behavior. Always speak lovingly, avoid speaking too harshly.

If a good wife respects her husband, she is never vulnerable, humiliated or harmed in privet or public. So whenever you want to talk, do it thoughtfully. A good wife would like to praise her husband outside of her friends or on her husband’s friends.

10- Do not spread the problems related to your husband

It is impotent for every woman to know that if there are any problems or problems of the husband. then you should not share it outside your family, relatives or friends. You should end the problem by discrediting this with your husband. I t is not that your relatives or friends are making a kite of talk. Which can hurt your relationship?

Maybe your friends or relatives an help you, but the husband can not improves the relationship between you only and your husband.

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