Latest 100+ Latest wedding anniversary wishes

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wedding anniversary wishes: Here we are going to share the wedding anniversary wishes for Husband, wife and friends. Here you will find all kinds of beautifull  wishes, shayari, massages, wedding anniversary sms.


Your both our strangers!

Those who add color to happiness!

May pray to the one above!

Happy marriege Anniversary

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Wedding anniversary wishes for friend

May God keep your year like this,

Your relationship has touched the new sky of love

May the next life also be happy,

Always have life also be happy,

Always have happiness in the house

Every moment of life like every day festival

Happy anniversary

How beautifully have you seen each other’s life

Celebrate the wedding anniversary with great pomp,

Your relationship is very lovely..

Happy anniversary


Your so far from me, but your with me

I miss you too much,

I have friends where i am,

but your  my love and special

I love you my heart



In each season we are meet,

may our love  blossom in every spring in every birth,

Our love contini]ues to grow like this!!

!!Happy anniversary!!

 wishes for Husband

There must have been a moment in the leisure of God

When he made a lovely person like you

Do not know which prayer our confession

What he would have introduced you to us

Happy life my heart

Bless you as the sun sets

Give you a blossoming flower fragrance

I can’t to give anything

God Bless you a thousand happy annivesary

Take some special blessing of life from me

Take some look ar the anniversary from me

Fill the color that will follow your lifw

Take that lovely happy day from me today

happy anniversay

Prayer met people got happiness from the world

Got love with loved ones from God

You get lots of love in ife

Happy anniversary

Flowers continue to bloom in the path of life

Loaughter keeps glancing at you

You got happiness outside step by step

Heart give you this blessing again and again

Happy anniversary

Stay withyou both at every step

Difficulties come as much much in life

Hold the hand of a couple

Happy anniversary

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